Holocaust project

Photography for Peter Harpley's Holocaust project. A collection of images intended to feature in a short film.

Remembering Anne Frank.jpg
Death Gate misty.jpg
Auschwitz Birkenau Death Gate 2.jpg
Auschwitz Birkenau Railway 4.jpg
Auschwitz shoes.jpg
Auschwitz Birkenau Death Gate 3.jpg
Auschwitz Birkenau Railway towards the ramp.jpg
barbed wire.jpg
Birkenau Death Gate.jpg
Birkenau railway close up 3.jpg
Auschwitz electrified fence 3.jpg
Birkenau railway.jpg
Birkenau gas chamber and crematoria III panorma.jpg
Birkenau gas chamber and crematoria I panorama.jpg
Auschwitz Birkenau rail.jpg
Auschwitz work sets you free II
arbeit macht frei.jpg