Some half truths, rumours and quietly muttered thoughts about Peter

In the annals of majestic Prog Rock music, Peter Harpley figures almost not at all. He nearly went to see his beloved Pink Floyd in 1977 after sending an envelope full of loose change to buy a ticket. It did get through, but the date was changed, so his envelope of change was returned to him with a polite suggestion that next time he pays by cheque. He did see them three years later, and then again in 1986 and finally in 1994, but that is not that relevant here. At all.

Peter Harpley was born in a rural village in what is now Romania, some time in the 14th century. He wondered through Europe without aim or purpose until arriving in Kingston upon Thames as a new born baby in 1961. Not much happened for 12 months until he met his life long friend, Scrappy.